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Dear ZYG Family -

As a community, we, at Zen Yoga Garage,  are committed to not just inclusion, but activism and social justice in our community.

We are ready to do the work that needs to be done to dismantle the array of social and economic injustices that exist not only in the yoga industry, but in our country, and the world. We are working to advance racial equity in all areas of our community, and we are focusing our ongoing efforts on what is necessary for meaningful and long-term change. 

We at ZYG will be a voice, and work to amplify voices of underrepresented populations,

especially those in the BIPOC and AAPI communities. We stand with the LGTBQIA+. We stand for a Free Palestine. Hate has no home here. Anti-semitism has no home here.

We hope to use the practice and teachings of yoga, born from people of color, as a tool to provide unity to help heal the divisions that are causing so much trauma and pain.

We invite you to stand with us.

Please consider donating to our partner 501C, WOKE Chicago at

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